If you can't play, call your Team Rep by 12pm Sunday at the latest.
FAILURE of this calling rule will result in certain penalties from your team.  Penalties must be honoured.
A MUST-READ MESSAGE from the LRHL Executive.
ZERO TOLERANCE for any punches thrown, dangerous or cheap hits, and suspensions will apply.
AVOID CONTACT including the goaltenders.
LEAGUE JERSEYS are to be worn on Sunday nights ONLY.
BOOT HIGH shots only - no slappers.

Welcome to the LRHL

THE LEAGUE IS EXPANDING for 2014-2015 !!!

We've added two senior teams, so now we have a six team Senior division along with the six team Junior division.  We will be starting at 7:30 on both pads, then 8:45 and 10:00.

We are making calls now for Seniors and will be drafting that division as soon as possible.  Please hold off making inquiries about fulltime spots ... we'll provide updates on this page as they happen.

Congratulations to Midway and Rock Harbour for their A final victories!

Here's the rest of the Finals winners - Hideout, Preferred (video in OT) and MadetoShade.

And here are some of the other "finalists" - Reaume, Radovich and Bodnar/Quimby.  Thanks Andromeda!

Update thru Feb. 9th - Midway wrapped up the regular season strong over Tesolin.  Simon had 3 & 2, Johnson and Rice each had 2 & 1, and Sawchuk had 3 helpers for Midway.  Betteridge had a hattrick for BQ, but Rock Harbour came out on top.  Sandy had 3 assists in the win. 

Update thru Feb. 2nd - A trip to the old barn in Essex proved inspiring for some.  Tesolin held off Hideout as Oriet had 1 & 3 in the win.  Fockens had 1 & 2 as they topped BQ.  Midway continued their winning ways over Reaume, with Sawchuk picking up 4 helpers and Simon adding 1 & 2.  Fedak had 2 & 1 as Madetoshade beat 1st place Radovich.  Darren Boismier had 4 assists, and Ron Bezaire had 3, as Preferred won over Rock Harbour.

Update thru Jan. 26th - Collison had 2 & 2 in Preferred's blanking of BQ.  Stocker had 1 & 2 for Tesolin over Reaume.  Otherwise ... zzzzzz this week.

Update thru Jan. 19th - Koren had 3 helpers in a losing cause against Preferred.  Simon had 3 & 1, and Bott and Rice had 1 & 3 for Midway in their 9-4 rout over Tesolin.  Oriet had 1 & 3 for Tesolin.  Scarfe had 2 & 2 for MadetoShade as they held off BQ.  Newman had 2 & 2 and Beauchamp had 1 & 2 for BQ.

Update thru Jan. 12th - Rozman had 2 & 1 and Rice had 3 helpers as Midway downed Reaume to take back top spot in seniors.  Tesolin and HideOut played to a 5-5 draw.  Oriet had a hattrick for Tesolin and Wardell and Fera each had 2 & 1 for HideOut.  Fockens had 1 & 2 in Freedom 55's rout over Preferred.  Koren had a hattrick and Muzz had 3 helpers for Radovich over Bodnar/Quimby.

Larry Floyd Tournament - Here's the final scores from last weekend's Larry Floyd Memorial Tournament.  Our 50+ team won the 50D division with some big backstopping from Bob Timothy.  Our 40+ team, backstopped by Rob Valoppi, found their way and won their 3rd game against the eventual division winnner TD Bank.  In our LRHL division final, Jamie Betteridge scored two quick goals late to tie it, but Cross Canada scored very late to win it in an entertaining affair.  Thanks to everyone for their support.  And thanks for playing your Sunday games too.

Update thru Dec. 15th - Rock Harbour topped Freedom 55 in the early game.  Preferred snapped a long winless drought to knock off 1st place Radovich.  MadetoShade topped BQ 7-1.  McIndoo had a hattrick, and Agostinis and Scarfe each had 1 & 2 in the victory.  Midway won a close one over the HideOut, and Tesolin blew it open on Reaume in a 12-4 rout.  Stocker had 4 & 3, Morais had 3 & 4, and Oriet had 2 & 4.

Update thru Dec. 8th - Reaume won in the last minute over HideOut.  Yetman had 3 helpers as Fockens Freedom 55 beat Preferred.  Lead by Jean's 2 & 2 night, Radovich got back on track with a win over BQ.  Midway beat Tesolin, and MadetoShade outlasted Rock Harbour.  Scarfe had 1 & 2 and Bezaire had 3 assists in that one.

Update thru Dec. 1st - Tesolin won big over HideOut.  Oriet had 3 & 2, Jeff Wood had 3 & 1, and Stocker and Malcolm each had 1 & 2.  White got the winner for Bodnar/Quimby with 2 seconds left to beat Rock Harbour.  Sandy had 2 & 1 for the Rock.  Fockens Freedom 55 snapped Radovich's 6-game winning streak.  Underage ringer Reid had 2 & 1 in the win.  McKinnon had 1 & 2 for MIdway in their win over Reaume.  Elias had 2 & 1 and Simpson had 1 & 2 in the loss.  In the late game, Fremlin had 3 & 1 and Fedak had 1 & 2 for MadetoShade in the win over Preferred.

Update thru Nov. 24th - Herd and Sandy each had 1 & 2 in Rock Harbour's win over Preferred.  Fockens Freedom 55 and BQ battled to a draw.  Yetman had 4 & 1 for Fockens, and Beaton had 1 & 3 and White had 2 & 1 for BQ.  MadetoShade tied it with a minute to go on Adam Drake's 3rd of the night, but it wasn't enough as Radovich tipped in the winner with a second to go!  Reaume outlasted Tesolin in a penalty-filled affair.  In the late game Midway, lead by Johnson's 2 & 2 and Gietz' 1 & 2, took it to HideOut.

Update thru Nov. 17th - BQ left Preferred in sole possession of last in Junior with a 5-3 win.  Quimby and White each had 2 & 1 for BQ.  Fedak had 3 helpers in MadetoShade's win over Fockens, and Carrick stood on his head as Harmer got 2 & 1 for HideOut to down first place Reaume.

Update thru Nov. 10th - in Senior, Tesolin and HideOut played to a draw, and Reaume won over Midway lead by a hattrick and 2 helpers from Gillen and 2 & 3 from Loebach.  In Junior, MadetoShade and BQ tied 5-5.  Moore had 1 & 2 in that one.  Jean had a hattrick for Radovich in their win over Preferred.

Update thru Nov. 3rd - Reaume split with Tesolin to hold on to a 2-point lead in Senior.  In Junior, Radovich won a tight one over BQ and extended their lead to 4 points.  Stocker had 2 & 2 for Tesolin, Gingras and Jean each had 1 & 2 for Radovich.  In Fockens big win over Preferred, Yetman had the hattrick, and Gorman and Fockens each had 1 & 2.

Update thru Oct. 27th - A lot of low scoring games this week.  Tom Bondy had 2 & 1 for Reaume in their win over HideOut.  Michie had 3 helpers in MadetoShade's win over Preferred.  Led by Paronuzzi's 2 & 2 and Koren's 4 helpers, Radovich maintains a 2-point lead over MadetoShade in Juniors.

Update thru Oct. 20th - Hendrican had 1 & 2 for Preferred in their win over Rock Harbour.  Koren had 2 & 1 for Radovich as they blanked madetoShade.  In the late game, Papineau had 4 & 1, Oriet had a hattrick, and Bott had 1 & 3 as Tesolin topped Schmoes.  Mike Costello had 2 & 1 for Schmoes.

Update thru Oct. 6th - Fockens had 3 helpers in his team's win over madetoShade.  Tesolin had 1 & 3 for his team over Reaume.  In a one-sided affair, Midway hit the jackpot over Schmoes lead by Rice with 3 & 4, Greg Bondy 3 & 3, Jim Crease 3 & 1, Chris McKinnon 2 & 2, Mike The Ringer Seguin 1 & 3, and Jim Maxim had 3 helpers.

Update thru Sept. 29th - Teams averaged over 5 goals this week as the scoring flood continues.  In the early game, Chartrand had 2 & 3, Mark Tesolin had 1 & 3, Oriet had 2 & 1 and Pappy had 1 & 2 in Tesolin's win over Midway.  In a 6-6 tie, Smith had 2 & 1 and Yetman had 1 & 2 for Fockens, and Tillman had 1 & 3 for Rock Harbour.  MadetoShade beat Bodnar/Quimby 4-1, and Radovich skated to a 6-6 draw with Preferred.  In the final game, Harmer had another 4 goal night, and Torok had 3 helpers in Schmoes late win over Reaume.  Schauer had 1 & 2 for Reaume.

Update thru Sept. 22th - Radovich Chiropractic keeps a perfect record through week 3 with a 6-2 win over Preferred Windows.  Koren had a hattrick and St. Pierre has 1 & 2 in the win.  Fockens Freedom 55 looked strong in there victory over Bodnar Realty / Quimby Financial.  Spadafora had 3 & 1, Yetman had 4 helpers, Smith had 2 & 1, and Mike O'Gorman had 1 & 2 in the win.  Joe Schmoes and Tesolin Realty played to an 8-8 draw.  For Schmoes, Harmer had 4 goals and Torok and Wardell each had 1 & 2.  For Tesolin, Stocker had the natural hattrick plus a helper, Tesolin had 2 & 1, Henderson had 1 & 2 and Oriet had 3 helpers.

Update thru Sept. 15th - Lots of scoring in the youngsters division this week.  O'Neill had 2 & 1 for Preferred Windows as they tied Fockens Freedom 55 6-6.  Koren had 1 & 3 and St. Pierre had 2 & 1 in the win for Radovich Chiropractic over Rock Harbour Financial.  MadetoShade outlasted Bodnar Realty/Quimby Financial 7-5.  In Seniors, Midway Appliance downed Joe Schmoes lead by 1 & 2 from ringer Greg Bondy, and Simpson had the LRHL version of a Gordie Howe hattrick with 2 & 1 & 3 in Reaume Chevrolet's win over Tesolin Realty.

Update thru Sept. 8th - Plenty of good hockey on opening night.  In the first ever Senior division games, Midway and Tesolin Realty played to a draw, and Reaume topped Schmoes.  The Senior division teams will see their competition at least 9 times each this year.  Preferred and MadetoShade played to a draw, Rock Harbour won over Fockens Financial, and Radovich Chiropractic had their way with Bodnar/Quimby.  Seguin and Papineau were up to their old ways with hattricks apiece.  Ed Demers had 1 & 3 and Tom Bondy had 2 & 1 in Reaume's win, and Mike Martin had 1 & 2 for Rock Harbour.

WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SPARES  - Goalies 38+ and skaters 40+ in 2014 are eligible.  If you know a guy that you think would fit, then click this link to send an email with the prospect's name, age, contact # and rating guess (1 to 4).

Rules of Play - The LRHL follows the rulebook of the Canadian Amateur Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) along with a few rules of our own.  Read the rules page under the League Information menu.  There are also links to the CARHA rulebook and to the LRHL constitution.

Sports Waiver - Everyone needs to sign and hand in this Waiver before stepping on the ice, spares too.  Team Reps have extras.  Also, provide your date of birth and email address on the back.

League Stuff - The LRHL Executive reserves the right to make player movements, but moves are rare.

Sunday nights are reserved for hockey - any other time feel free to get in touch with one of the Executive if there's something you'd like to discuss.

A word about stats... we are confident our timekeepers correctly record what is reported to them by the refs, and we are confident in our process of creating the stats pages.  Beyond that, we all have to live with any discrepancies between reality and what the gamesheets say... it's rec hockey.

Annual General Meeting - The meeting was held in June.  The Executive is the same as last year.  The playoffs are extended by 3 weeks so that there will be a double round robin in each pool.

Dressing Rooms - The online schedule shows the home team on the right.  The home team should take the dressing room and bench closest to the Zamboni doors.  Also, if there's a conflict of colours, the home team wears dark if they have them.

Team Sponsors - Please show your support for all of our sponsors by first considering the services they have to offer. And mention you play in the LRHL.  Check out our Sponsors page.

If you are 40+ and want to play full-time or spare, send an email to more info.

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